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180829 DSM | ticking the boxes

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Our new company report is a follow-up to our in-depth report of September 2016 in which we outlined our positive stance when DSM was half-way its strategic plan for FY16-18.

In this report we highlighted DSM's achievements as well as the goals and the ingredients of its new FY19-21 plan. We will also update our extensive benchmarking exercises which confirm that the goals set make full sense, but also show that there is still room for improvement and work to do. DSM has improved its ranking vis-à-vis peers, but it is not best in class (yet), at least not in all the KPI's we will monitor.


Items that we will highlight and detail in this report are:

  • 2018 targets met and exceeded; what is in store for FY19-21? 
  • Benchmarking DSM versus on TSE peers on selected KPI's
  • Strong innovation focus beneficial to sales and profit growth
  • DSM's progress shows sustainability theme offers growth opportunities
  • Still work to do to improve cash conversion and capital returns
  • Approaching net cash...enabling acquisitive strategy
  • Cash allocation priorities make sense
  • Is there is future for Materials in DSM's portfolio going forward?
  • Estimates, valuation and investment view 



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