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190528 RELX Group | Open Access: an open nerve

190528 RELX Group | Open Access: an open nerve

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In March of this year, RELX shares came under pressure after University of California decided not to renew its subscriptions with Elsevier. Yet, also in Europe some parties (European Commission and cOAlition-S) are pushing hard for a migration towards more Open Access. How may this affect Elsevier? In this note we'll take a deep dive to find the answers.



Table of contents

1. Open Access fears....again 
2. STM publishing: a USD 25bn+ market 
3. Open Access vs the traditional model 
4. 'cOAlition S' and 'Plan S' 
5. Open Access: pros and cons 
6. The position of the large STM publishers is strong...
7. ...and Big Deals have made them even stronger.... 0
8. ....but have the tides begun to turn? 
9. 2020 is casting its shadow ahead 
10. So far, the impact on Elsevier has been limited..... 
10.1 Establishing a starting point 
10.2 Elsevier's revenue per article on Open Access articles are higher than under the traditional model 
11. ...but what can be expected from here? 
12. Scenario analyses 
13. Evolution rather than revolution 
14. Conclusions 

Appendix I: Statistics Oklahoma University Libraries 
Appendix II: Expenditure trends ARL Libraries 1986-2015 
Appendix III: Projekt DEAL negotiations 
Appendix IV: Spending data and STM contracts in the Netherlands 
Appendix V: Peer Group valuation 






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